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Walk Across Wasilla
Aug 16-20, 2021


Family Promise hosts  events each year to engage support, raise funds and spread the word about our mission to end family homelessness. These events are invaluable opportunities to create relationships with people and companies who are interested in helping us make a difference in the lives of homeless parents and their children.

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Our community helped us raise $2,533 during our perpetual yard sale! We are so very grateful for your support and encouraging words in regards to our building project. We are nearly $5,000 in to our goal of $100,000 to build a Navigation Center for our low-income and homeless community. Our dream is to provide day care with evening, overnight, and weekend services, a computer station for homeschooling and job/housing searches during times when most facilities have closed, a perpetual indoor yard sale, and indoor play space for use during bad/cold weather that can double as a cold weather shelter, and space for homeless teens ages 18-24 who are on the wait list for MyHouse. All this on one campus! Does that seem huge to you? It certainly does for us! But, nothing is impossible with God!


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                                                       Walk Across Wasilla

                                                        August 16-20, 2021

                                                         5 Hours Each Day

What would you do if you went home from work and found that your house had been burned down?   Your family is safe, but you have no food, no bed, no blankets, and only the clothes on your back.  Where would you turn for help?  Who would you call?


Challenge yourself, your friends, and your co-workers to Walk around Wasilla for 5 hours each day.  Learn some of the challenges facing families in our community when a fire takes their home, an earthquake damages their water and septic making the home unlivable, or when a family is living with friends or relatives and are asked to leave.  The challenges are real.

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To participate, please email your contact information to to receive more details.  Or, click the Sign Up button below.

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